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#1197 decoder crashes with CBR streams defect major HM HM-12.0
#1221 Reconstructed frame is different between encoder and decoder with specific configure file defect major HM HM-12.1
#266 ZERO_MVD_EST fix defect minor HM HM-5.0
#638 Missing "cabac_zero_word" writing implementation in HM software defect minor HM HM-7.1
#1149 Check to see whether disabling SAO at picture-level produces the lowest cost enhancement minor HM HM-12.0
#1274 Uninitialized variables defect minor HM HM-13.0
#1275 fractional bits is not reset defect minor HM HM-13.0
#1278 PSNR for fields ksuehring defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1279 Frame level PSNR for interlaced sequence. ksuehring defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1282 Frame level PSNR function for fields ksuehring defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1283 check remaining bytes of slice segment data enhancement minor HM HM-14.0
#1288 Assertion failed: (uiTemp), function xWriteUvlc... defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1293 Some HRD parameters are not set in decoder when VUI is absent defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1322 Slice mode broken in HM16.0 defect minor HM HM-16.0
#1323 No slice-protection for deltaQP defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1324 Scalable nesting SEI syntax at encoder defect minor HM HM-16.0
#1325 Tiles result in incorrect entry-point values in dependent slice segments defect minor HM HM-16.0
#1326 Bug in Encode Parameter check ksuehring defect minor HM HM-14.0
#1332 Double read of SEI byte alignment when payload extension present defect minor HM HM-16.1
#1340 Wrong conformance/default display window dimensions for field decoding defect minor HM HM-16.1
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