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#1295 bit_depth_chroma_minus8 syntax inconsistent in monochrome SPS between HM and Text defect major HM RExt RExt-7.2 (HM-14.0)
#1296 parsing parseProfileTier not conformant with Table A 2 – Bitstream indications for conformance to format range extensions profiles defect major HM RExt RExt-7.2 (HM-14.0)
#1307 Sizes of m_ltRefPicPocLsbSps and m_usedByCurrPicLtSPSFlag are incorrect defect minor HM RExt-7.2 (HM-14.0)
#1318 Residual modification process doesn't match the spec defect minor HM RExt RExt-7.2 (HM-14.0)
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