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#1233 HM decoder hang under Mac OSX 10.9 defect blocker HM-13.0 fixed
#1261 HM decoder does not use HighestTID nor sps_max_num_reorder_pics when bumping defect major HM-13.0 fixed
#1108 No implementation of DPB dumping when encountering a new CVS starting with a CRA picture defect minor HM-10.1 fixed
#1148 Field-coding - incorrect depth calculation defect minor HM-12.0 fixed
#1219 SAO code for different InternalBitDepth(C) defect minor HM-12.1 fixed
#1232 Compatibility for all intra HM-11.0 bitstreams (wrong POC number) defect minor HM-13.0 invalid
#1239 MAX_TLAYER should be 7 defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1240 ADAPTIVE_QP_SELECTION 0 gives build error defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1241 redundant verification code defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1244 Derivation of POC when CRA has NoRaslOutputFlag equal to 1 defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1246 misleading function name defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1247 Bugs in tone mapping information SEI defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1248 HM encoder crashes after encoding a few frames of 4K content (3840x2160) defect minor HM-13.0 invalid
#1250 misleading loop limit defect minor HM-13.0 invalid
#1251 redundant function defect minor HM-13.0 invalid
#1264 Filler data defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1267 Timing SEI encoding fails for more than one temporal layer defect minor HM-13.0 fixed
#1122 pic_output_flag and no_output_of_prior_pics_flag have no effect on the reference decoder defect trivial HM-11.0 fixed
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