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#813 HM8.2 bug in SAO + IPCM + Lossless defect trivial HM-8.1 fixed
#716 overriding IntraPeriod causes encoder crash when used with encoder_intra_main.cfg defect minor HM-8.0 fixed
#789 Chroma bit depth should be used in filtering process defect minor HM-8.0 fixed
#794 Incorrect Parameter Set Map Sizes defect minor HM-8.1 fixed
#795 When FramesTobeEncoded > actual num frames, encoder report is different defect minor HM-8.0 fixed
#800 cleanup; remove unused wpp flush-related tests and functions technical change minor HM-8.1 fixed
#801 class diagram defect minor HM-8.1 wontfix
#799 five_minus_max_num_merge_cand defect major HM-8.1 fixed
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