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#28 invalid HTM memory problem in 1080p encoding tech Tomohiro Ikai

At new HTM-6.2-dev integration phase, my simulation sometimes failed. I thought this was due to memory usage increase of the integrated version and checked memory usage before and after integration (HTM-6.2 and HTM-6.2-dev). Then i found the following strange behaviour (potential bug) in HTM encoder.

The memory usage of 720p was constant (2.4 G bytes in my environment) while that of 1080p varies from 2.8G bytes to 3.9Gbytes. The memory usage varies by runs!

This strange behavior occcued at leaset in HTM-6.0, HTM-6.2 and HTM-6.2-dev branch2. Please see the attached file.

Attached is my memory usage reports, which is got by qacct -j $job | grep maxvmem

I suppose this "randomly" different memory usage occured "only in 1080p" suggests potential bugs in HTM.

#29 invalid HTM-7.0r1 problem when encoding two views and two depth maps tech maria.cucca

Setting cfg file to encode two views and two depth maps, encoder stops running after encoding the first frame. Error message: Assertion failed: 0, file ..\..\source\App\TAppEncoder\TAppEncTop.cpp, line 1506

#30 fixed Wrong reference of subclause tech lizhang

In JCT3V-D1005_spec_v1, H.8.3.7 should be replaced by H.8.3.5 in the following text:

– When iv_mv_pred_flag[ nuh_layer_id ] is equal to 1 or iv_res_pred_flag[ nuh_layer_id ] is equal to 1, the decoding process for candidate picture list for disparity vector derivation in subclause H.8.3.7 is invoked at the beginning of the decoding process for each P or B slice [Ed. (GT): VSP should be added here as condition.]

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