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#75 fixed Discrepancy in VSP bi-pred handling tech Tomohiro Ikai

There seems to be a discrepancy between spec and software. The spec reads that bipred prevention is applied regardless of VSP flag:

  1. When predFlagL0 is equal to 1 and predFlagL1 is equal to 1, and ( nOrigPbW + nOrigPbH ) is equal to 12, the following applies:

refIdxL1 = −1 (I 112) predFlagL1 = 0 (I 113)

However, the software (in TDecEntropy.cpp and TEncSearch.cpp)disbles it in the case VSP flag is true as follows. #if H_3D_VSP

if ( (pcCU->getInterDir(uiSubPartIdx) == 3) && pcSubCU->isBipredRestriction(uiPartIdx) && (pcCU\

->getVSPFlag(uiSubPartIdx) == 0)) #else

if ( (pcCU->getInterDir(uiSubPartIdx) == 3) && pcSubCU->isBipredRestriction(uiPartIdx) )


We should remove it (spec should be right).

In CTC and IBP(with MTK_I0072_IVARP_SCALING_FIX) experiment, there are no differences by this fix. No change is quite natural because VSP PU cannot be bi-prediction in the current specification. If looking at predFlagLXVSP setting logic(See I. Derivation process for a view synthesis prediction merge candidate), when predFlagL0VSP is 1, predFlagL1VSP cannot be 1. When predFlagL0VSP is 0, the PU is not bi-prediction. The same logic is applied in VSP inhericance case.

Lastly, even if VSP was able to be bi-prediction, we should prevent 8x4/4x8 bipred in VSP as well to preserve motion data storing implemenation.

#76 fixed Unused functions tech Tomohiro Ikai

The following functions are not used. We should remove them.

xCodeSDCResidualData [TEncSbac] xParseSDCResidualData [TDecSbac] xInheritVSPDisInfo [TComDataCU]

If someone knows other unused functions, it is very appreciated.

#79 fixed Unused VSP code tech Tomohiro Ikai

The class of InheritedVSPDisInfo and related codes are (virtually) not used. They looks used but not affect for the results. A patch is attached.

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