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#91 fixed misalingment between software and working draft tech lizhang

In the NBDV derivation process, the availability of left block is checked by invoking the following function:

pcTmpCU = getPULeft(uiIdx, uiPartIdxLB, true, false);

The last input parameter is set to false so that the availability check of the left block is done without considering the constraint of tiles.

However, in the WD and in 3D-HTM of MV prediciton process,the tile constraint is always considered. Therefore, it is suggested that using the same strategy for NBDV derivation by replacing the above line with: pcTmpCU = getPULeft(uiIdx, uiPartIdxLB);

In this case, there is no need to change the specification.

#47 fixed missing a close-bracket on slice_pic_order_cnt_lsb tech tsukuba.takeshi

A close-bracket corresponding to a if statement, i.e., if( nuh_layer_id > 0 && ...| | ( nal_unit_type != IDR_W_RADL && nal_unit_type != IDR_N_LP ) ) is missed.

There are two options. Op.1) Insert a close-bracket after slice_temporal_mvp_enabled_flag Op.2) Remove a open-bracket

/ quote from F1004_v2 / if( ( nuh_layer_id > 0 &&... ) | | ( nal_unit_type != IDR_W_RADL && nal_unit_type != IDR_N_LP ) ) "{" / Op.2) remove this open-bracket /


if( nal_unit_type != IDR_W_RADL && nal_unit_type != IDR_N_LP ) {

short_term_ref_pic_set_sps_flag … if( sps_temporal_mvp_enabled_flag )


} "}" / Op.1) insert a close-bracket here /

#100 fixed num_extra_slice_header_bits is not set correctly by the encoder. tech tech

num_extra_slice_header_bits is set equal to 3 by the encoder, although only values in the range of 0 to 2 are allowed.

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