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#76 fixed Unused functions tech Tomohiro Ikai

The following functions are not used. We should remove them.

xCodeSDCResidualData [TEncSbac] xParseSDCResidualData [TDecSbac] xInheritVSPDisInfo [TComDataCU]

If someone knows other unused functions, it is very appreciated.

#79 fixed Unused VSP code tech Tomohiro Ikai

The class of InheritedVSPDisInfo and related codes are (virtually) not used. They looks used but not affect for the results. A patch is attached.

#82 fixed Obsolete motion data compression in DV derivation process tech Tomohiro Ikai

Obsolete motion data compression remains in text (I.8.5.5 Derivation process for disparity vectors)


  1. When yCb − 1 is less than ( ( yCb >> Log2CtbSizeY ) << Log2CtbSizeY ), the following applies:

xB1 = ( ( xB1 >> 3 ) << 3 ) + ( ( xB1 >> 3 ) & 1) * 7 (I 251)

In HTM, the compression have been effectively removed when HTM was updated based on the latest(at that point) HM. Specifically, HTM70 has the following in getPUAbove(),

if(MotionDataCompresssion) {

uiAPartUnitIdx = g_motionRefer[uiAPartUnitIdx];


But HTM80 or later doesn't have that process (so removed).

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