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#26 fixed Minor bug fix with VSP code, not affecting CTC tech dong.tian

Thanks to Shinya for spotting the bug. The fix is verified under CTC and no impacts on anchor results.

Line 3560 of TEncSearch.cpp (HTM v6.0) is

motionCompensation( pcCU, pcYuvPred, pcCU->getZorderIdxInCU(), REF_PIC_LIST_1, iPartIdx );

It should be fixed to

motionCompensation( pcCU, pcYuvPred, pcCU->getZorderIdxInCU(), eRefPicList, iPartIdx );


#24 fixed cabac ctx initialization error for edge_Intra and SDC tech hongbin.liu

In HTM-6.1 ContextTables.h, Following array including INIT_EDGE_INTRA, INIT_EDGE_INTRA_DELTA_DC, INIT_SDC_FLAG, INIT_SDC_RESIDUAL_FLAG, INIT_SDC_SIGN_FLAG, INIT_SDC_RESIDUAL and INIT_SDC_PRED_MODE should be defined as "static const UChar" instead of "static const Short"

#23 fixed Disparity vector derivation of VSP mode in depth coding tech hongbin.liu

In section H.8.5.4, NBDV is used to derive an initial disparity vector for both texture and depth. However, in HTM-6.1,NBDV is not called for depth, instead, (0, 0) is always used as an initial disparity vector. As shown in the following codes, in function TComDataCU::getInterMergeCandidates, NBDV is called only when "bNoPdmMerge" is false, and "bNoPdmMerge" is fasle for texture but is true for depth.



#if FCO_DVP_REFINE_C0132_C0170

if( !getPic()->getDepthCoded() )


getDisMvpCandNBDV(uiPUIdx, uiAbsPartIdx, &cDisInfo , true

#if MERL_VSP_C0152

, true

#endif );


A suggested revision is to change if(!bNoPdmMerge) to if(!bNoPdmMerge | | ( getSlice()->getIsDepth() && getSlice()->getViewId() ) )

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