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#32 fixed Typo in H.8.5.4 tech tech

In the last paragraph of H.8.5.4, we have

MvDisp[ x ][ y ] = ivpMvFlagLX (H‑242)

It should be

MvDisp[ x ][ y ] = mvDisp (H‑242)

#31 fixed Checking order of spatial blocks in NBDV process is not aligned with the software tech lizhang

In subclause H.8.5.4, it says 'When availableDV is equal to 0 for each N being A1, B1, B0, A0, and B2, the following applies – When availableDV is equal to 0 and availableFlagIvpMvN is equal to 1, the following applies:

mvDisp = ivpMvDispN (H-233) refViewIdx = refViewIdxN (H-234) availableDV = 1 (H-235)

In the software, the checking order is A0, A1, B0, B1 and B2.

#30 fixed Wrong reference of subclause tech lizhang

In JCT3V-D1005_spec_v1, H.8.3.7 should be replaced by H.8.3.5 in the following text:

– When iv_mv_pred_flag[ nuh_layer_id ] is equal to 1 or iv_res_pred_flag[ nuh_layer_id ] is equal to 1, the decoding process for candidate picture list for disparity vector derivation in subclause H.8.3.7 is invoked at the beginning of the decoding process for each P or B slice [Ed. (GT): VSP should be added here as condition.]

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