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#37 fixed Missing condition in H.7.3.4 Slice header syntax tech parkmw

In H.7.3.4 Slice header syntax,

... else if( layer_id ) {

slice_ic_enable_flag slice_ic_disable_merge_zero_idx_flag

} ...

should be replaced by

... else if( layer_id ) {

slice_ic_enable_flag if( slice_ic_enable_flag ) {



} ...

in order to align with the HTM software implementation.

#55 fixed Pruning process for DV candidate in HTM 9.3 tech parkmw

In HTM 9.3, the wrong motion information is used for pruning of DV candidate.

Line 4497 in TComDataCU.cpp is if(puhInterDirNeighbours[iCount] == puhInterDirNeighbours[iCnloop] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[iCnloop<<1]==pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCount<<1)] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCnloop<<1)+1]==pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCount<<1)+1])

It should be fixed to if(ivCandDir[1] == puhInterDirNeighbours[iCnloop] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[iCnloop<<1]==tmpMV[0] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCnloop<<1)+1]==tmpMV[1])

#54 fixed Timing on clipping vectors tech shimizu.shinya

In the current HTM, motion/disparity vectors are clipped before storing them in some cases although they should be clipped before generating prediction signals. In other words, motion/disparity vectors in the motion storage should not be clipped.

At least, I found such wrong clippings in TComDataCU::xAddVspCand, TComDataCU::xAddIvMRGCand, TComDataCU::xGetInterMergeCandidates (6 places), TComDataCU::getDisMvpCandNBDV (2 places), TComDataCU::estimateDVFromDM, TComDataCU::xCheckSpatialNBDV, TComDataCU::getInterViewMergeCands (3 places). After removing these clipping, it becomes necessary to add clipping in TComPrediction::xPredInterUniARP since NBDV becomes a non-clipped vector.

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