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#56 fixed A bug caused by uncompressed InterDir in HTM10.0rc1 tech kaizhang

A bug is found in HTM10.0rc1. Generally speaking, the original code tries to use InterDir to determine the prediction direction. However, InterDir is not compressed as MV and RefIdx. Thus a misalignment may occur. In some worse case, the codec may crash, although that does not happen in CTC. Attached please find a possible fix with macro HTM10RC1_FIX and the simulation results under CTC. There is a very minor difference (<0.001%) in the last column.

At line 4746 in TComDataCU.cpp, it should be #if !HTM10RC1_FIX

if( ucInterDir & 1 ) {


pcTextureCU->getMvField( pcTextureCU, uiPartIdx, REF_PIC_LIST_0, cMVField );

#if HTM10RC1_FIX

if( cMVField.getRefIdx() >= 0 ) {

#endif ...

At line 4775 in TComDataCU.cpp, it should be

#if !HTM10RC1_FIX

if( !tmpDir && ( ucInterDir & 2 )) {


pcTextureCU->getMvField( pcTextureCU, uiPartIdx, REF_PIC_LIST_1, cMVField );

#if HTM10RC1_FIX

if( !tmpDir && cMVField.getRefIdx() >= 0 ) {


Thank you!

#46 fixed Problem of all zero residual method in intra-picture tech jinheo

I found a bug on A0087 document in HTM reference SW version 8.1 as well as 8.0. In the document, all zero residual method is only applied to inter-picture of depth. However, the method is only applied to intra-picture in both 3D-HTMv8.0 and v8.1.

Line 2995 of TEncSearch.cpp (HTM8.0) is bTestZeroResi |= pcCU->getSlice()->getIsDepth() && pcCU->getSlice()->isIRAP(); It should be fixed to bTestZeroResi |= pcCU->getSlice()->getIsDepth() && !pcCU->getSlice()->isIRAP(); It affects the coding performance of AI and CTC.

#50 fixed delete problems in HTM9.0 tech jicheng

In HTM9.0, the following code in TDecCU.cpp (490), TDecEntropy.cpp(404), TEncCU.cpp(2096), and TEncSearch.cpp(4494)

delete pcMvFieldSP; delete puhInterDirSP;

should be modified as

delete [] pcMvFieldSP; delete [] puhInterDirSP;

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