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#55 fixed Pruning process for DV candidate in HTM 9.3 tech parkmw

In HTM 9.3, the wrong motion information is used for pruning of DV candidate.

Line 4497 in TComDataCU.cpp is if(puhInterDirNeighbours[iCount] == puhInterDirNeighbours[iCnloop] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[iCnloop<<1]==pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCount<<1)] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCnloop<<1)+1]==pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCount<<1)+1])

It should be fixed to if(ivCandDir[1] == puhInterDirNeighbours[iCnloop] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[iCnloop<<1]==tmpMV[0] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCnloop<<1)+1]==tmpMV[1])

#56 fixed A bug caused by uncompressed InterDir in HTM10.0rc1 tech kaizhang

A bug is found in HTM10.0rc1. Generally speaking, the original code tries to use InterDir to determine the prediction direction. However, InterDir is not compressed as MV and RefIdx. Thus a misalignment may occur. In some worse case, the codec may crash, although that does not happen in CTC. Attached please find a possible fix with macro HTM10RC1_FIX and the simulation results under CTC. There is a very minor difference (<0.001%) in the last column.

At line 4746 in TComDataCU.cpp, it should be #if !HTM10RC1_FIX

if( ucInterDir & 1 ) {


pcTextureCU->getMvField( pcTextureCU, uiPartIdx, REF_PIC_LIST_0, cMVField );

#if HTM10RC1_FIX

if( cMVField.getRefIdx() >= 0 ) {

#endif ...

At line 4775 in TComDataCU.cpp, it should be

#if !HTM10RC1_FIX

if( !tmpDir && ( ucInterDir & 2 )) {


pcTextureCU->getMvField( pcTextureCU, uiPartIdx, REF_PIC_LIST_1, cMVField );

#if HTM10RC1_FIX

if( !tmpDir && cMVField.getRefIdx() >= 0 ) {


Thank you!

#57 fixed A bug for dbbp_flag signalization in 3D-HEVC Draft tech XianguoZhang

A bug is found in 3D-HEVC Draft Text 7, JCT3V-G1001_v1.doc. Generally speaking, the current text signalizes dbbp_flag with "u(1)", however in HTM10, a quite reasonable approach of "ae(v)" with 1 context is utilized to signalize dbbp_flag. It seems to be an editing bug. The next version(v2) of JCT3V-G1001 should accord with the software. Also, there should be an additional table for "Values of initValue for dbbp_flag ctxIdx" and additional row for dbbp_flag in Table I-12, I-21 and I-23.

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