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#67 fixed Redundant DBBP flag setting for 2NxN parition tech jicheng

In the function parseDBBPFlag() of HTM11.0, the following code

#if MTK_DIS_SPBIP8X4_H0205
    UInt uiCurrPartNumQ = (pcCU->getPic()->getNumPartInCU() >> (2 * uiDepth)) >> 2;
    pcCU->setDBBPFlagSubParts(true, uiAbsPartIdx + 2*uiCurrPartNumQ, 1, uiDepth);

is originally intended to set the DBBP flag for the 2nd part of the 2NxN PU.

However, currently the DBBP flag is set outside of this function for all kinds of paritions. Therefore, the above code is redundant.

In addition, if the macro RWTH_DBBP_PACK_MODE is not 2NxN (encoder issue, since for DBBP mode, there is no restriction for partition size), the above code may set the wrong DBBP flag. Therefore, the above code should be removed. There will be no performance impact for CTC.

#36 fixed Range of distortion vaule for VSO tech parkmw

In HTM 7.0r1, when performing VSO, sometimes distortion value can exceed the range of 32-bit integer.

This problem can be solved by changing the variable type "Dist" from 32-bit integer to 64-bit integer.

The bug-fix provides 0.1% bit-saving for synthesized views.

#55 fixed Pruning process for DV candidate in HTM 9.3 tech parkmw

In HTM 9.3, the wrong motion information is used for pruning of DV candidate.

Line 4497 in TComDataCU.cpp is if(puhInterDirNeighbours[iCount] == puhInterDirNeighbours[iCnloop] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[iCnloop<<1]==pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCount<<1)] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCnloop<<1)+1]==pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCount<<1)+1])

It should be fixed to if(ivCandDir[1] == puhInterDirNeighbours[iCnloop] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[iCnloop<<1]==tmpMV[0] && pcMvFieldNeighbours[(iCnloop<<1)+1]==tmpMV[1])

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