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  • trunk/source/Lib/TLibCommon/SEI.cpp

    r1405 r1413  
    44 * granted under this license.
    55 *
    6  * Copyright (c) 2010-2016, ITU/ISO/IEC
     6 * Copyright (c) 2010-2017, ITU/ISO/IEC
    77 * All rights reserved.
    88 *
    124124    case SEI::BUFFERING_PERIOD:                     return "Buffering period";
    125125    case SEI::PICTURE_TIMING:                       return "Picture timing";
    126     case SEI::PAN_SCAN_RECT:                        return "Pan-scan rectangle";                   // not currently decoded
    127     case SEI::FILLER_PAYLOAD:                       return "Filler payload";                       // not currently decoded
    128     case SEI::USER_DATA_REGISTERED_ITU_T_T35:       return "User data registered";                 // not currently decoded
     126    case SEI::PAN_SCAN_RECT:                        return "Pan-scan rectangle";
     127    case SEI::FILLER_PAYLOAD:                       return "Filler payload";
     128    case SEI::USER_DATA_REGISTERED_ITU_T_T35:       return "User data registered";
    129129    case SEI::USER_DATA_UNREGISTERED:               return "User data unregistered";
    130130    case SEI::RECOVERY_POINT:                       return "Recovery point";
    131     case SEI::SCENE_INFO:                           return "Scene information";                    // not currently decoded
    132     case SEI::FULL_FRAME_SNAPSHOT:                  return "Picture snapshot";                     // not currently decoded
    133     case SEI::PROGRESSIVE_REFINEMENT_SEGMENT_START: return "Progressive refinement segment start"; // not currently decoded
    134     case SEI::PROGRESSIVE_REFINEMENT_SEGMENT_END:   return "Progressive refinement segment end";   // not currently decoded
    135     case SEI::FILM_GRAIN_CHARACTERISTICS:           return "Film grain characteristics";           // not currently decoded
    136     case SEI::POST_FILTER_HINT:                     return "Post filter hint";                     // not currently decoded
     131    case SEI::SCENE_INFO:                           return "Scene information";
     132    case SEI::PICTURE_SNAPSHOT:                     return "Picture snapshot";
     133    case SEI::PROGRESSIVE_REFINEMENT_SEGMENT_START: return "Progressive refinement segment start";
     134    case SEI::PROGRESSIVE_REFINEMENT_SEGMENT_END:   return "Progressive refinement segment end";
     135    case SEI::FILM_GRAIN_CHARACTERISTICS:           return "Film grain characteristics";
     136    case SEI::POST_FILTER_HINT:                     return "Post filter hint";
    137137    case SEI::TONE_MAPPING_INFO:                    return "Tone mapping information";
    138138    case SEI::KNEE_FUNCTION_INFO:                   return "Knee function information";
    139139    case SEI::FRAME_PACKING:                        return "Frame packing arrangement";
    140140    case SEI::DISPLAY_ORIENTATION:                  return "Display orientation";
     141    case SEI::GREEN_METADATA:                       return "Green metadata information";
    141142    case SEI::SOP_DESCRIPTION:                      return "Structure of pictures information";
    142143    case SEI::ACTIVE_PARAMETER_SETS:                return "Active parameter sets";
    153154    case SEI::CHROMA_RESAMPLING_FILTER_HINT:        return "Chroma sampling filter hint";
    154155    case SEI::COLOUR_REMAPPING_INFO:                return "Colour remapping info";
     156    case SEI::DEINTERLACE_FIELD_IDENTIFICATION:     return "Deinterlace field identification";
     157    case SEI::CONTENT_LIGHT_LEVEL_INFO:             return "Content light level info";
     158    case SEI::DEPENDENT_RAP_INDICATION:             return "Dependent RAP indication";
     159    case SEI::CODED_REGION_COMPLETION:              return "Coded region completion";
    156160    case SEI::ALTERNATIVE_TRANSFER_CHARACTERISTICS: return "Alternative transfer characteristics";
    157 #endif
     161    case SEI::AMBIENT_VIEWING_ENVIRONMENT:          return "Ambient viewing environment";
    159163#if NH_MV
    160     case SEI::DEINTERLACED_FIELD_IDENTIFICATION:         return "Deinterlaced field identification";
    161164    case SEI::LAYERS_NOT_PRESENT:                        return "Layers not present";
    162165    case SEI::INTER_LAYER_CONSTRAINED_TILE_SETS:         return "Inter-layer constrained tile sets";
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